My sad experience with 3DROBOTICS

Im sadly writting my experience with 3drobotics, on APR 4th, I bought some stuff from their store. I had to choose between USPS or Fedex, I chose USPS (I never had problem before) (I live in Argentina). 

Two month later, I wrote them an email, becouse my parcel never arrived.

They reply me my tracking number, and told me to ask USPS for further information. Elvira from 3drobotics answared me.

I contact USPS, and they told me that the sender is the one who must contact them.

I forwared Elvira the email from USPS, Elvira didnt gave me a correct answer. Then Octavio Osorno start answering my emails. I re-forwared the email from USPS, where they told me sender must contact them. And the next Octavio's mail was that he was sorry and the package was lost. That I should have chosen Fedex.

I chosen one of the options that they gave me. And now they are not responsible and I lost my purchase. I never had problems before with USPS, I lost some fresh, china post, and I always offered to send me back or refund my money.
I did not expect this from a trader from U.S.


Guillermo Masco

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  • Seems I'm in the same situation now, 1 month and no package, it NEVER takes so long, so it's most likely lost.

  • Today I received an email informing me that they sent my order again. Hopefully no problems and that this has a happy ending.


  • Thanks all for yours replies. 

    John, I have just sent the email with the information you request. I hope you can do something about it, and return me the enthusiasm to 3drobotics.


    I will keep you updated.

  • Sorry to hear about that Guillermo!  We're working on some big improvements to support.  Please hang in there, and we'll get you straightened out.

    Can you contact us at "" with your store username and order number?

    Thank you!

    John C.

  • Where is your package when you search the tracking info? If they see that you didn't get it through the tracking information they should definitely put the customer first and send you a replacement. I don't think it would be too big a hit against their bottom line. Other places like tower hobbies have done that for me in the past and they had it sent two day priority for me.

  • Unfortunately the US is not known for its customer service. Of all the countries I have traded with I always get disappointed by customer service and communication from american companies. Seems there is little to no regulation as to their responsibilities towards customers in terms of delays and information the way Europeans are used to.

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