Hello, I'm finishing my second cuad, a Tarot 650 :)

and I want to share with this comunity that help me a lot.

The objetives:

Build a more efficient cuad (than the first)  that can fly minimun 15-20 mins carring a camera and using the knowledge that I learn from my first cuad to present, choosing parts, building and tunning on my own :)   (but any help or suggestions are welcome )


From what I choosed and what I was able to buy were little differences because we have many difficulties to import things to owr country and 3DR export problems when I bougth parts.

Frame: Tarot 650 with external motor mounts

controller: Ardufliyer 2.52 (perhaps Pixhawk next year ;) )

Motors: RcTimer HP4215 460kv

Esc: Opto 40A

Props: 15*65 CF Rc timer

GPS: Neo UBlock (pick a better one next year)

PModule 3DR, telemetry 915

Cheap Rx: waiting the Dragon Rx (I put one but fails :(  )



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Unboxing, this mesh promise a cuad

Drilling a hole for motor arms

I use two bubbles level to level the holes

Enlarguing motor wires, I don't have 18 so I use 16 awg (aprox 10-12 cms)

I read that is better than enlargue esc wires.

A little more solders and finish ;) .....I hate soldering GRRR


Esc plugs, ready

Arms ready

Control board (what I have UFF)...it's a wire clutter !!!

Identifying esc wires

Looks like you have done a great job! Is it flying now?

Maybe you should post some videos of it once its flying.

I finished but I don't have enougth time to dedicate him this days, I fly once but I couldn't tune it yet.

Finally this cuad weight without batteries 1.4 kgs and uses aprox 13A with one 5000mah 3s battery in first flight, no FPV, no gimbals, for the moment ;)

Finally my new cuad fly :)  :) , Loiter is incredible :O

Finally FPV arrived this summer, a Sony Effio E CCD 700 mini camera and minim on the front (no gimbal)

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