My second cuad, a Tarot 650

Hello, I'm finishing my second cuad, a Tarot 650 :)


and I want to share with this comunity that help me a lot.

The objetives:

Build a more efficient cuad (than the first)  that can fly minimun 15-20 mins carring a camera and using the knowledge that I learn from my first cuad to present, choosing parts, building and tunning on my own :)   (but any help or suggestions are welcome )


From what I choosed and what I was able to buy were little differences because we have many difficulties to import things to owr country and 3DR export problems when I bougth parts.

Frame: Tarot 650 with external motor mounts

controller: Ardufliyer 2.52 (perhaps Pixhawk next year ;) )

Motors: RcTimer HP4215 460kv

Esc: Opto 40A

Props: 15*65 CF Rc timer

GPS: Neo UBlock (pick a better one next year)

PModule 3DR, telemetry 915

Cheap Rx: waiting the Dragon Rx (I put one but fails :(  )



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  • (I move this discussion here because isn't my frame design, I think this is the correct place)

    Some test with the new Props, yesterday no tune, today better, with some wind, FPV on and carrying a mobius, a little mission and flying FPV;  18-18.5 A, interesting result, I have to test now with higher winds.

    • What the hovering weight at 18A?

      Why not try inverted motors down?

      • 1.4 kgs without batteries. I prefer upside because y fly on farm fields and, sometimes,  weeds, disturbs the props if they are lower.

        • MR60

          What batteries do you use on this quad? What anti vibration you have for your fc?

          • I have two zippy compact 5.000 3s and two multistar 5200 3s too.

            the fc is fixed with a doble sided silicone 3M tape.

            Something like this but this photo is from another cuad.

            3702841501?profile=originalbut only one layer and an elastic band just in case...;)

  • this guy fly well on summer monitoring sunflowers and win new props a 17*5.5 ones and Amps down from 20 to 17 :), first test was this morning and I check with handheld Amp monitor, as quick as I can I'm going to check with all the battery charge to check flying time, my first objetive was 20 min (reached 25 min) , then 30 but now I dream with an hour, Forrest and his team culprit ;) ; or women record flying time with a Diy Drone LOL 


    • Hola Cala buenisimo tu uav, vi que sos de Argentina...una consulta que tal son los quad Tarot? Siempre me maneje con la marca DJI y estoy intendo armar uno especialmente para uso en agricultura, tenes experiencia con cámara multiespectrales y demás?

      • Este frame esta muy bueno, le podes poner la controladora que quieras, yo lo tengo con APM, camara multiespectral solo tengo una "homemade"

  • Then, I change the 2.4 receiver for a Dragon one because I have many failsafes and I'm not agree to lost radio signal (It let me nervous) I have a ligther antenna to change but when I change, I crash taking off and return to that heavy one, then I discover the issue and have to try again, antenna wasn't the culprit

  • GPS is on the mast and RModem is backward but RM haven't good signal, I try whit a dipole but I think that I need to move like the VTX to have better range ¿any suggestion with it?


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