Well first of all, Hello guys, first things first, this is my first post, so go easy :D Second, am Portuguese and if something is hard to understand I'm sorry, and if you have any question I will be happy to answer.


My main objective of this post is to learn even more about multicopters, in the last few months I have research everything I can because I want to build one quadcopter from scratch, so I want collect the most information possible. So lets talk about what it matters... The QuadCopter.


Like I said it will be a Quad with a HK X666 frame.


Primary concerns:

  1. Flight Times (20-30 minutes)
  2. Future FPV equipment (Small camera, like a goPro)
  3. Weight, with this setup, full extras It will weight arround 2000g max...



  1. Frame: Hobbyking X666 Glass Fiber Quadcopter Frame 666mm
  2. Controlller: APM 2.6 Set
  3. Motors: Turnigy Multistar 4822-390Kv 22Pole Multi-Rotor Outrunner
  4. Propellers: Multirotor CF Propeller Pair 17 x 5.5
  5. GPS: 3DR uBlox GPS with Compass Kit
  6. Telemetry: 3DR Radio Set
  7. ESC: Q Brain 4 x 20A Brushless Quadcopter ESC 2-4S
  8. Battery (x2): ZIPPY Flightmax 5000mAh 3S1P 20C
  9. Power Distributor: Hobby King Quadcopter Power Distribution Board



  1. Well, will it Fly???
  2. Besides the RC and FPV equipment, controller and other stuff I want to know if there's something missing on the list.
  3. What I could do to make it better, and improve flight time.


After my research and some calculations at eCalc, this was the setup I made, but like I said, this is the first time I explore this type of equipment. I have some electronic and programming knowledge.


In the attached files are the eCalc results to this setup.


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Here it goes my little baby Is growing since January 23rd Suggestions are Welcome, the only thing is missing is the GPS&Compass, was already shipped...

Here it is the photos :)


Hi Bruno,

At first I thought the idea of a 17" prop on a 660 quad kind of crazy. But it looks REALLY good. How does it fly? Did you manage to tune it without problems? Please tell me more about your experience.

Hello Hugo

Well to be honest I dont know if it will fly yet :P All The plans, all the calculations show it will. I will post more news when this baby turns the props...

I do not have nothing negative about HobbyKing the only problem takes about 1 month shipping time. So, I am waiting for the XT60 adapters to connect the batteries and GPS&Compass Antenna. After that it will be tuned and fly, I hope...

So how well did it fly with the 17 inch props?

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