Navigation and Stabilisation Control System Theory

Hi Everyone

I am fairly new to the UAVs/MAV/AAV (I'm not quite sure which term to use) but I am an electronic engineer by profession, and I have a lot of experience in FPGA system development and integration for embedded systems.

I have recently stumbled upon the world of multirotor RC and autonomous systems and thought I would give it a go at building one myself, however instead of using the conventional Arduino systems(or similar platforms) as the brain of my Tricopter, I thought I would use an FPGA (DE0-NANO from TERASIC). I think I have all of the fundamental components I need (LiPo, motors, ESCs, Accels, Gyros..... ). 

But the challenge I am having at the moment, is finding a good source for the fundamental theory of stabilisation and navigation control algorithm for these little machines.

So I would like to find out from this community, if there was any material that I can be pointed to help me grasp the fundamental concepts of navigation and stabilisation of these devices. There just seem to be so much material out there each with various levels of abstractions. 

But I believe, once I grasp the fundamentals of these systems, translating it to FPGAs could be done relatively easily. Also I'm envisaging designing a modular platform independent system that can be adapted to different systems and UAV configurations to speed up integration time of future projects. This could potentially be opened up to the community for use...

Any advice concerning this would be greatly appreciated

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  • Thanks, for the links. You are right, the first link seems a bit superficial with not much info on the details. But the other links seem a lot more useful. They should be a good starting point, and I think after that I should have a clearer idea on how to take it forward or how to find more information. If I find more useful links, I will add then to this discussion, might be useful to anyone else who wants to go down this route.

    If anyone else has more useful links, feel free to add this to this discussion as well.


  • Hmmm... there have been a few good articles around.  I'll have to find them.

    I remember one really good one in an IEEE magazine, Chris Anderson linked to it in a blog posting.

    There's this, this is kinda weak, take the info with a grain of salt:

    This is quite good, but possible over-complicated depending on your education level:

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