Navigation problem X8-ArduCopter V3.2.1

Hi Guys,

I am strungling with my X8 frame (3DR X8+ with ArduCopter V3.2.1 and pre-installed param). It was fine flying in Belgium, but after transportation to Peru I observe some issues during navigation (auto/RTL). I have redone the compass calibration many times but no improvement. No crash yet, but defenitly need some help in analysing the logs. Thanks!


2016-03-31 17-15-51.tlog

2016-03-31 15-11-40.tlog

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  • Can you post the dataflash log?

    Looks like the quad is hovering nose-high, does it have tilted motor mounts or something?

    High vibrations might be part of the issue.

    • I checked again and all motor mounts look ok... but after such a long transport maybe indeed something is off.

      Dataflash logs in attach.

      thanks again! 

      2016-03-31 15-17-42.bin

      2016-03-31 17-17-47.bin
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