Hi guys,
here is an other bloody beginner. Last week I finished the hardware. Easy-Star, Ardupilot with Atmega 328, GPS EM406. Loaded the latest Code 25.02 and everything looked fine so far. The testruns in the different modes were successfull (Stabilization, Fly by wire). The RTL mode doesn`t work and the Auto mode either. The GPS locked in and I can write and read waypoints to the EEPROM. When I switch to RTL or AUTO the Easystar flys straigth ahead but in a stabilized manner. In Auto or RTL it never comes back. ;-(
It looks like a small problem but I can´t find the mistake. My home position is ca N50° E008,0.
Is their anybody whohas an idea to solve my problem.

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We have the nav gains set very low in the current version of the code. We'll be updating the code this weekend with a version that has the gains turned up, so use the newer code and you should be fine.

If you want to mess with it before, you can play with the Roll P, bringing it up to .85, for example.

#define NAV_ROLL_P .65
Hi Chris,
thank you very much. I will make this change and test it tomorrow.

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