Navspark as primary GPS?

I have just received my new NavSpark GPS, I was wondering if I could use it as a simple GPS as a replacement for my Ublox module. I am a bit (lot) of a noob, and I was wondering if I could simply plug some pins directly across to the APM and have it work.I do know it uses NMEA for the GPS output messages.Here is the site where I got it from. am not trying to port Arducopter over to the navspark (thou that would be cool), Just trying to get the APM to see the GPS sats that the navspark sees

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  • Looks like the Arduplane devs decided to go with adding support for the $975/pair Piksi GPS project rather than the $50-160/pair Navspark based projects. 

  • Here is the post I have put up on the Navspark page, It seems to have a few people who wanted to help out with interfacing the two.

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