Hey guys, first of all, thanks for accepting me as a new member.

I build my first drone by dissesamble other drones and buying new parts.

however the drone is controlled by naze32. 

last year i flew it around whole summer.  i then before winter, i dissesamble it again to install new camera and vtx.

Now i have this odd problem.  Once i take off with the drone, it flies normal.  But after about 10 seconds, it start to drift off. TO the south!  and it gets progresive. meaning it will tilt more and more to south as longer it stays in the air, to that point i cant counter it.

now, while the drone is still powered and on the ground, i can power off and on my controller. and then the drifting is "reset". meaning i can now fly normal. until 10-30 seconds after its start drifting South again.

no matter how i turn the drone, it flies south.

i have no clue what to do.  It worked last year perfectly :D

thank you guys.


Ive since flashed/reset the Naze32 board and the problem still exist.

But ive found out it only occure when the drone is in "angle mode" 

when i fly around in agro mode it flies perfect. when i flip the switch, it flies off by it self.

wonder why? :/

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