Need Advice on Gas Planes

I have just bought 2 hand built (wood and film) airplanes from the original builder.  They are very beautifully built and the guy is a perfectionist in everything he does.  They have not been used for quite awhile and I was cautioned to "loosen" the engine up by using a light oil of some kind as they are a little stiff.  I do not want to turn the prop until they have soaked for awhile.


Question ... what type of oil should I use and where would I put it (carburetor, exhaust pipe)  how long to soak?

1 is a 2 cycle engine and the other a 4 cycle.  They are not small engines and neither are the planes.


If there is a flying club in the Hobbs, New Mexico area or someone who could mentor getting me started I would appreciate any and all help.  I refuse to fly them without help as they are beautiful airplanes and  don't want to crash them.



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  • What is your flying skill level? (If none, you need to learn how to fly first.)

    What types of planes are they? (Different types require different skill levels.)

    Do you have a computer RC flight simulator? (Fly the same type of plane on a simulator for 40 hours, then maybe try flying your planes.)


    Look up your local AMA RC club, visit them, ask questions, take notes, and get help. They will be glad to help you!

  • You might try hanging out with these guys:

    From their website they seem like a decent group.


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