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    The topic is very old, but I hope it will be useful to someone.
    But you can't find better than this one: "Edited by Thanh Mung Lam, Publisher: InTech"
    By the way, you can write or find a quality review of this book on the website . This is a unique chance to also get advice and find more reviews. It will be useful for beginners in this area. Good luck to you.
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  • I think this will help
  • I have seen good references in Wikipedia
    List of unmanned aerial vehicles
    The following is a list of unmanned aerial vehicles developed and operated in various countries around the world. Algeria Amel (UAV). AL fajer L-1…
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    Your question is a bit too open ended.  Are you interested in building airframes, autopilots, or what.  You will not find a single book which has much value in covering all UAV design topics.

    There are a wide selection of well known texts dealing with beginning airframe design.  It has been a pretty standard course in the undergraduate aerospace engineering curriculum at many universities for many years.  You could start here -  Raymer's text "Aircraft Design: A Conceptual Approach" is on the 5th edition and is a classic in in the field.

    On the autopilot side there are few books which give a complete concise treatment to UAV autopilot design.  As a starting point I'd recommend Small Unmanned Aircraft: Theory and Practice" by Beard and McLain.  I have also found "Autonomous Flying Robots: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Micro Aerial Vehicles" by Kenzo Nonami, Farid Kendoul, Satoshi Suzuki and Wei Wang to be pretty good.

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