I got a new CC3D controller from china. Most probably it is a clone model because its LEDs are different from the original(blue is power & yellow is status). I installed it on F450 frame. When I plugged it in on PC for configuration, it was in boot loader mode. The FC wasnt showing up on librepilot GCS. I googled and searched on youtube and eventually got it configured. I configured the controller with f450 frame settings and went out to test fly it. After It took off, it started oscillating badly and It flipped upside down. I changed some PIDs again and it again did same thing. This time when I plugged it in my PC, the FC was showing one single Solid blue LED. It was neither in boot loader mode nor in firmware. I did the bootloader process again. By doing that the FC came to life again. But now the real problem starts. When configuring the copter from setup wizard, it passes all steps. Even passes the esc calibration and minimum rpm configuration. Now when I click save in the end, it sticks on that and shows "Preparing mixer settings" . Someone on a forum said that this happens when the GCS and firmware do not match. But in my case, I have flashed official bootloader file from librepilot source and they both match. Im using librepilot 16.09. And boot loader version 4 for cc3d.

Any help in this regard would be appreciated.

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