• China has a lot of goods on the PCB, because they are of good quality and very cheap.
    So, the general order I will give some of the manufacturers in China.
    I have tried WELLPCB, they have a quoting calculator on their site. Just enter your specs, and it will generate a relatively accurate quote including shipping cost for you. And the quality of board,i think is ok.

    I will try different pcb manufacturers

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  • Price is a big factor for me, so I finally chose ALLPCB to make my board.

    I am really impressed with ALLPCB's speed, I submitted my gerber files Friday night (US time -- Saturday afternoon in Schenzen). Within 1 hour my GERBER files were approved and sent off for manufacturing. Several hours later production actually started. You can track the status of each step of manufacturing on their website. The data seems real. Total, it took under 48 hours for my board to be manufactured. About 49 hours after order time, my boards were handed off to DHL. Tuesday morning, I had the boards in my hand.

    So basically placed my order Friday night / Saturday morning and had the boards Tuesday noon - that\'s under 4 days - very impressed with this.

    Quality is very good for the price. Vias are centered well. The design i submitted used their minimum design guidelines & it turned out great.

  • For small batch prototype pcb fabrication and assembly, I've been dying to check out Seeed Studios new PCB fusion program. I think they have pretty cost competitive options, and the open parts library they've developed is sourced locally in Shenzhen, so it can start you down the road of sourcing for mass production also.

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  • Hi all,

    Fast PCB prototype & assembly service provider here, exporting CUSTOM PCB and PCBA with competitive price and high quality, specialized in low volume quantity,parts sourcing included. All fabricated and assembled as per your requirments,no MOQ limited !  The Ideal Choice For a New Product Development / Testing and Verification of Designs.
    Our Advantages:

    >Most competitive price, no tooling cost;
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    >Components sourced and bought from authorized distributor with competitive price;
    >File review and professional NPI service;
    >Full range of capacities to satisfy customers' requirements;
    >100% flying probes & AOI test;
    >No minimum PCB order;
    >Quality guaranteed, you can focus on your core competencies;
    >Outstanding customer service and technical support;

    Pls just feel free to send file with specifications to for a quotation,or you can submmit quotation on our site . We will reply you ASAP.Looking forward to your prompt reply. Thank you!

    With kind regards,
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  • @/jean

    Let me know if you find them helpful. Will help you to find more relative PCB manufacturer.

  • @roseibarry. Thanks for your reply. I had gone through your PCB manufacturer & it helps me for my PCB prototyping.

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  • Hello,

    Long back ago I got PCB prototyping done from one of the Manufacturer in CA & get Quick Turn Around as less as 24 hours. I am really impressed with product quality & Delivery. It may help you.

    PCB Manufacturing | 4PCB Assembly
    PCB Manufacturer UsA - 4PCB manufactures wide range of PCB such as PCB design, prototype, fabrication, assembly and more in the USA.
    • Hey Rossei,

      I need some PCBs for medical equipment, Will they help me in this? I am not in CA as well I live at Carson.

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