I need help. I'm trying to get from my copter a maximum speed. It's ok but after that when I move elevator back to zero copter start to lift up his nose and can do 180 flip. You can see this moment at video. I have APM 2.0 with firmware 2.7. Flight mode: stabilize with out altitude control. Elevator end point set to 80%, calibrated with 100%.


Do you have any idea what to change in setting? As I said before I need fast copter but without this extraordinary behavior. Log and picture from video are attached.



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  • Could you describe how do you create such videos with log below and live view of the current position?

    You mentioned about writing own "Log data visualizer" but do you plan to open the source? This will give .png but the rest of the question still remain (current position vertical bar).


    Hmm, it should be as easy as aligning beginning of the image on start and end on end and make linear transition.

    So the only question will be to use your php tool.

  • SOLVED: Did not have enough thrust. Upgrade 3S -> 4S battery with the same weight and got better behavior. 

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