Hello folks,

looking for a little help here, 

I've been on the search to find a proper answer and the closet I have found is upgrading the firmware on my 9XR which is not possible at the moment as I don't have a programming card for the 9XR which from my understanding is what I would require to upgrade. 

So I have my 9XR, 2x XJT's modules and 2x X8R modules (one of my Y6 and the other on my X8).

My goal is to be ale to control both  drones simply by either switching models within the tx or by swapping out modules. 

Is it possible to bind to two separate X8R's? and just simply switch models? I'm using the original firmware in tx and I have found that upgrading and switching to pxx protocol there is the bind option within the menu but as stated I have no means to upgrade unless there is a work around the programmer usb stick? perhaps making one?

Or is it possible to swap the secondary XJT module in and bind that to the second X8R? Or does the XJT+X8R bind also occur with the 9XR thus switching XJT's will simply have no effect unless I rebind to the other X8R each time?

Thanks in advance, and any and all help is greatly appreciated as I'm trying to sort this out to finalize my builds.

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