Need help! Weird behaviour

Hi! Yesterday i encounter some issue and wish to seek for anyone who can clear my question.

I tried to do a very simple mission using mission planner(Take off -> waypoint 1 -> RTL). The distance to waypoint 1 is less than 5 meters away. I did a manual flight before at low level and every thing responded as they should. Now the weird part is that after the landing, i throttle up again and set the mode into auto mode from my transmitter, it flew up to about 8 to 10 meter and then cut through the field at a very high speed that is when i realize something was wrong and triggered RTL on my transmitter, it did come back but with the same aggressive speed. It overshot where it took off but came into a halt then immediately fly straight again which eventually it end up hitting the tree and crashed.

Upon looking up the waypoint, to my surprise the auto mode was NOT trigger while RTL was shown to be triggered, this is very weird as i wasn't the one controlling the quad, i even let go of the sticks when i triggered auto mode.

Can anyone tell me what could have caused this problem? Thanks

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