I was at my father-in-laws farm and came across an interesting problem that I wanted to see if drones could help me solve!  He wanted to see if I could come up with a drone that would be able to blow water away from the fruit after rain.  I have seen farmers use large fans, smoke and even helicopters for this and thought it was an interesting project.

The reason I am reaching out is that I am still new to the drone world, and was hoping someone in the Toronto area would be interested in joining me on this project to see what we can come up with!  My current thinking is a 4 propeller drone that creates maximum down-draft, and the propellers are angled slightly outwards.

Let me know if anyone around the Toronto, Ontario area would like to meet up and discuss this further!

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Ok, interested to join you, what is a size of your farm

and what fruits are cultivated

and refer me to some studies to get me know it makes sense

Hey DJ,

The size of the farm is 10 acres, currently the fruit being cultivated are apples and pears.  I believe the project should also work for cherries as there are a lot of cherry farms in the area and they require a lot more care and control of the environment.

I'll message you my information so we can meet up separately.

" to blow water away from the fruit after rain. I have seen farmers use large fans, smoke and even helicopters for this

not sure if rain drops matter for apples

There must be verified studies in case of cherries and pears.

There is no way to replace helicopter by a personal drone to perform such action.

We need to know why farmers use large fans and how close placed to an apple tree.

Smoke has nothing to do with a rain and is more related to combating the froze at night

or disinfection


CO2 and other gases emitted may affect the blooming

We need to learn more about such procedures from the books.

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