Need help: Yaw-Gimbal for mapping plane

Dear All,

I need your Help.

What I want to do is I want to adapt a gimbal (servo) which only steers the yaw heading of the kamera to a completely manual steered fixed wing. The gimbal is autonomous from the plane and controlled by a PixHawk on which a flight plan is saved (which is also manually followed by the plane of course). The PH also triggers the camera. So PH is only charged with triggering the camera and the gimbal/camera. It is not steering the plane! With the camera yaw it shall ensure that, when flying against sidewind, the overlapping of the images are still parallel. So actually it should point the camera in movement-direction of the plane but not in nose direction. Or it should head the camera to the next waypoint of the survey grid, which would have the same effect.

I tried the Do_SET_ROI - funktion, but it directs the camera just somewhere, but not to the next waypoint.

Would be fantastic of anyone has a solution for me.

Thanks and kind regards


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  • I tried the DO_SET_ROI command, which theoretically should work when I change the ROI at every turning point of the grid. But actually the gimbal did something at the points but not what it should do. It just "looked" somewhere else. Has anyone expirience on this?

  • Take a look at Slantrange . Nothing to do with yaw . Reduce over lap , on site processing , calibration is taken care of without have to resort to the traditional ways . Look at RTK+ gps  in couple of years . (not ready for us poor folks $) . Lots of things to be worked on to improve on it .

    • Sorry, I don´t understand what u are talking about...

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