This will be my first post in the forums so please be gentle on me ;)

I recently built a hexacopter and have been tuning it back and forth, its been flying ok but as with most dji F550 users theres a bit of compass interference from motors, esc, wiring and the battery so I tried a few mounting places for the APM2.5 but never really got rid of the "toilet bowl" effect.

So my last addition was a landing gear with a GoPro mount in the front and a battery cage on the back, as usual with a hardware change i did compassmot setup and headed out for a spin expecting some performance improvement sins compassmot now only gave me about 90% interference (only as compared to 215% before) .


- Still experiencing "toilet bowling" and if i'm not mistaken its gotten worse. (Maybe duo to a bigger load)

- A sudden drop/total motor shutoff lasting approximately for 1 second.

- Over all flight capability is good as far as I can tell.

After checking the motors and esc:s for unhealthy heat (witch there was none) i decided to do another try and se if there was more glitches but it did turn out alright.

So to the fun part, log analyzing :)

Of my two testflights i gathered some scary data, one being a sudden gps RelAlt read of 1660 meters for no apparent reason. (compensating for that might have required a total stop of motors?)

Even though RelAlt skyrocketed the gps:Alt was solid at the time being.

From the second flight a few weird 0 readings, CURR:Volt and CURR:vcc, CURR:Curr and CURR:CurrTot

My setup is:

APM2.5 with 3DR power module and a Ublox gps.

DJI F550 flamewel, stock DJI motors and esc:s with 1038(the new ones) propps running on 3S.

Landinggear with a GoPro mount.

I appreciate any help regarding my setup and/or the logs i provided.

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Here is a video (uncut) of the actual motor stop.


Feel free to fast forward to about 3:40

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