New at this, woundering on a few things...

Hi all.

I found a few movies you made at youtube, so it got me interested right away :)

But i have a few questions whit the electronic...

In your drones, do you use real time cameras? so you can navigate by looking on the screen, not on the drone? I amagine that it is hard to fly long range if you dont use real time camera...

And there is ofc. the question about range... how long can you flight travel? What equpment do you use to boost range, and can you fligh long before you have to land to recharge?

And last, i am wery interested in designing my one plane, cause then i can overdimmensone it so it can carry more weight... also thinking nitro engine... i guess it can stay mutch longer in the air if i have a bigger tank... And the gps autopilot, can i actually program that to fligh back to me and land if i loose connection, in that case, it is xtreme great, you dont loose your drone...

As said, i am new at this, so there will be alot of reading before i start, but if you have some answers on this questions it would be a great start :)

Also, does anybody know where i can find out wing placement, weight to engine ratio and the important information, when designing and building your own drone?


Thanks, and great videos the members of this site has made :)

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    Welcome to Diydrones.
    Search for FPV ( first person view) in you tube & Google , then start reading the "FAQ" in the first page top center here,
    & that is not good model to begin with ,

    start with some thing similar to what chris showed or like this one
    Learning to fly in simulator are cheaper and advisable too
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    Welcome Kjetil

    Roughly 107 years of manned flight has generated quite a bit of information on how to build aircraft.

    Have a long read of this site and all the information is here.
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