New features and lost ones in Mission Planner

Hi Michael,

I would like to propose two minor twakes for the mission planner, that i suppose its very easy for you.

1. Since V.1.2.68 or 69 you added at auto-waypoint tools, camera grid which combines camera tool with auto waypoint- distance to make our life easier planning a mapping mission... But you removed the camera tool which was very helpfull to choose a camera-lens-alt combo. Can you bring it back?.

2. With mav Targeting we can point our camera at a map target, stabilize, or use a joystick. Can you "reverse" the maths and display a point on the map and the coordinates of that point @ Flight data, from the point that camera looks at the moment?? 




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  • The camera tool was very usefull to me too! is there a way to find it? (a shortcut like ctrl-f maybe?) or it really had been removed? 


  • +2 on #2 :-)
  • +1 on #2 :-)

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