I wanted to take a minute to introduce myself and our company.My name is Mike Metcalf and I represent Engineering & Scientific Innovations, Inc. We are located in Cincinnati, OH right off I-75. Recently, we have finished the construction on a Wind Tunnel facility that I think will really be of interest within the UAV and aircraft component community. We also have a diverse research backgrounds in other areas, one being High-Speed Imaging. We can offer affordable, expert wind tunnel test services, and have the necessary tools on hand, that allow us to meet many different needs at one location.

  We are a small woman-owner engineering firm, associated with Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and other DoD agencies.

I hope you will take a look at our website if you have a chance.



Please feel free to contact me

Mike Metcalf

(W) 513-605-3700

(C) 812-212-2625


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Your brocure does not mention any force or moment measuring capability. Can you?

I get the impression that you are not interested in publishing your rates. Why? Can I ask if your rates are less than $300 an hour?

We are experts in fluid and thermal dynamics, and fire sciences. We can take any airflow measurements that a user would need. The tunnel is being used right now under an Army contract, after which we will be acquiring a force balance.  I have to assess the commercial market for my budget. Our goal was to build a facility that operates on a commonly affordable margin.

Yes, our occupancy tunnel rate will be less than $300 an hour.  I did not publish rates because specific needs will have to be addressed per job. I cannot flat rate a price until I know how much engineering support/test equipment the client will need.

I hope that helps. Please feel free to contact me anytime!

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