New mission after autolanding

Looking for help with understanding how my plane went auto take off and landing.

Each time after autolanding I loaded new mission with 5 WP, but the plane after each new auto take off (hand launch) went directly to the last WP before landing WP.

In dataflash log there are messages sometimes after getting new mission, sometimes before - "Restarted landing sequence at waypoint 4". 

What does that mean?

Only found on github -

// if a suitable navigation waypoint was just executed, one that contains lat/lng/alt, then
// repeat that cmd to restart the landing from the top of approach to repeat intended glide slope
gcs_send_text_fmt(MAV_SEVERITY_NOTICE, "Restarted landing sequence at waypoint %d", prev_cmd_with_wp_index);
success = true;

Log -


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  • I suppose that happened because I switched to fbwa shortly after landing, causing abort landing procedure.
  • Anybody had the issue?
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