New multi-rotor autopilot

Hey all,


I'm finishing up a new quadrotor/octocopter autopilot design.  I just got my second revision board populated and tested. I was excited enough about it that I thought I'd share it... :-D


Some of the features of the autopilot are listed below:


1. Onboard gyros, accels, magnetometer, and absolute pressure

2. MicroSD slot for telemetry logging

3. Dual 72 Mhz ARM Cortex M3 processors (upgradeable to 120 Mhz)

4. 8 Hobby PWM outputs for motor and servo control

5. 8 i2c pinouts for connection with i2c motor controllers (Mikrokopter and AscTec controllers)

6. Connector for GPS with PPS support

7. Input for Spektrum satellite receiver

8. Three TTL UARTs routed out (2 on MCU1, 1 on MCU2)

9. SONY LANC output for controlling video cameras

10. Onboard 3.3V and 5.0V regulators (battery connects directly to the autopilot)

11. 6 additional GPIO pins routed out for future flexibility

12. Footprint compatible with the Mikrokopter autopilot


The autopilot is a full GPS-enhanced INS, running a 13-state EKF (position, velocity, attitude, heading, wind, thrust).  I can't wait to get it on a quadrotor!




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  • hi,

    I need to purchase this, pls give link where it is available.



  • Nice Caleb!


    I have a few questions I am hoping you can answer:

    Did you use the same accels and gyros from your IMU board?

    Why the two processors? Is one running the GPS/IMU code and the other autopilot code?

    Cost? Are you going to be selling any? Date of availability?

    Is a fixed-wing version of the autopilot software also in the works?





  • Hi Caleb,


    Done a great job!

    Could you share some references that you were referring?




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