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Hi, I am new to mutlicopter world and this forum.

I live jn norway with my family. I work in the energy sector.

I am building a first y6 (from a kit:alu square tubes, lots of fiberglass plates and screws) to get my hand on things and then would like to go for a more straight to the point machine.

Read some inspiring posts especially from forrest franz regarding octocopters.

It is very hard to make things simple so anyone who shows me all the stuff i have , and that i don't need gets my full attention :). Talking about making frame with as little parts, screws, nuts as possible does resonate to me quickly.

My "straight to the point copter" would ideally be a machine for aerial photography/video at short range: a few 100ms distance and 100m altitude max. Camera will be micro 4/3 on gimbal, apm 2.6, osd, fpv (with a tiny 1g camera that i have). Wide angle is considered, but i think i will mostly used 28mm equivalent focal. These have a angle of view of 75 deg. I have an equivalent 18-36mm, but not sure it will fly.

It seems that octa v is simple enough to build. But is it possible to tell the apm the exact geometry of an octa v, or (other x-x shape, H shape...). Is there a place where i can read about it (scared that the answer is in a form of deep immersion into software code which i am not capable of).

Read that the easiest way to limit vibration on the apm is to stick on the main (and probably , only, thanks to my reading) plate with ds tape. Did i understand well?

With my motors (turnigy 2836-8, it looks like i will be shaking the copter in the range of 200 hz. Is this a big issue.

Waiting for the reception of the strong epoxy glue, the carbon tubes (15mm od is the best i could find for cheap, strong) to start cutting and drilling some motor mount in 2mm fiberglass, and slap it all together.

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  • Hi  & welcome. just keep posted on the project

  • The octa will be the winter nights project, and here, in norway, winter a reeeeeally long...

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