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We are very interested in SKYTRAQ products.

Today there is great news for RTK and ESPrtk users that SKYTRAQ has completed development and started selling the RTK PX1122R and PX1172RH boards that support the ESP32 module in their new product lines.🎁

ESP32 is a very powerful module, it supports Bluetooth/WIFI, can be developed and used for RTK, NTRIP, CORS,AG,Droneβ€¦πŸ›°πŸ“‘
Full article here :Β SKYTRAQ PX1122R PX1172RH ESP32






Full article here : Blog – SKYTRAQ PX1122R PX1172RH ESP32

If you have any question, just ask me on this DIYDRONES forum.
Or you can send email to :

EM Oliver Huang: oliver.huang@skytraq.com.tw
EM NavSpark (NAVIN): navspark@navin.com.tw
EM Support: navspark.support@skytraq.com.tw
ESPrtk Q/A support team : contact@esprtk.com
Q/A Forum Post:Β Forum Here

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