Hey guys..

Showing off my new transformable multi rotor dubbed "Mantis", which has just completed its maiden flight. The quad which raises it's arms in flight away from the camera has been designed in Google sketch-up and made in my loft workshop. 

Flight Test Video

Build Video

Getting a 15 minute flight time.


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  • ARe you planning on selling these?

    • Thanks Marc. It's a one off at the moment.

      Do you think I should consider kitting it?.

      • I think its a great idea to kit it. 15min flight time on a quad that size i think is good. Would it be x8 upgradable (i think so with a small mod) and also what is the max battery size that can be fitted to the machine?(one maybe two lips?)I would also maybe source some carbon fiber sheets from China instead of the fiberglass ones to save a little weight. Is there a way to life the arms up and down a little quicker for those "oh crap" moments where some fly their batteries to the max:-)

        I think what you have created is great! why not make some money from it?

        • I would need to seriously up my manufacturing capability to be able to make them in any volume. Just printing out the plastic parts on my 3d printer took the best part of 3 or 4 days.

          I would probably need to get someone else to print the parts for me.
          Lots involved.

          Would love to make the arms lift quicker, but it's not easy. I would need to have a special screw thread manufactured, which I do not have the capability to do at the moment. 

          It actually started life as an X8 this design, but it had a seriously short flight time.

          • Hi Martin,

            I would make a few in your own time and then offer them up for sale as a kit, if people want more get them onto a list and get them to them as they are made. People have to know you are not a chines factory with 100s of employee working at this...well not yet hahah. Gotta start somewhere. You obviously have CAD skills so this Quad is a stepping stone and as you make the money you need to so you evolve maybe even have a few companies buy in to help fund bigger projects etc

  • I like it!

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