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i have been away for a long time for health reasons, but i'm back and work continued during the last 3 years as it could.. One of them beeing more important than others...

I have been working since a while with a french company, CamGau Consulting, who design very advanced brushless control systems since 3 decades...

I have been lucky enough to supply them with monster motors made in partnership with Lubos ( RotexElecrtric) used in real size EV's, and after seeing their technology, tand begging for it ( lol) they accepted to make it in a smaller size for an universal use including MAV /ROV/ UAV anf RC Models for me.

Big Prototypes have been running since 3 years now, smaller ones since 2 years, the last year has been a lot of functions adding , debugging and hardcore testing, modifications.. and we just produced the first 100 controllers batch, which is dedicated to real use environment testing for some customers ( and a few lucky people ...)

During the hardware design, we decided to add a canbus in order to be compatible with the Pix4 pro and of course it has PWM pulse input for direct control.

I will list the technical specifications below, but i would like to know if anybody would know someone who know the guy who know how to code on the pix4 pro a fixed wign brake function ( programable speed and time in reverse thrust), but also a vertical landing function for a fixed wing, stabilised. And, in a second phase, a specific control method for a very special EDF powered plane ( this will come later on..)

Goal is to be able to fly long distance with a fixed wing and save every bit of energy with cataput launching, and land in difficult areas by stopping the plane in air ( reverse thrust) , then control the vertical descent trajectory by controling the reverse thrust and stop the motor. Computing the control with reverse thrust on the ailerons on a delta plane might be a bit of a challenge but well... Without asking, i won't have any answer :)

The ESC specs are the following :

- 100% genuine code and hardware design

- 2,5 KW able with air cooling, up to 5 Kw with liquid cooling

- Size : a bit bigger than a Flame 80 ESC.

- Weight : 120 gramms with cables

- Input control accepted : analog, digital, canbus, pwm pulse, micro usb, serial.

- PWM frequency : programmable variable PWM frequency from 2 up to 55 kHz

- Phase ( timing) : programmable variable phase up to 45°

- Input voltage : 14 volts up to 50V to comply on regulations, but 72V able

- Fully tunable startup sequence

- Forward, reverse, brake functions

- Adjustable acceleration factor and acceleration smoothing

- Programmable current protectiona nd temperature protection + fan control ( direct input voltage @ 2A Max).

- Sensor and Sensorless brushless motors, outrunner and inrunners, also new motors magnetic designs supported. 

- Full configuration software with access to all parameters ( not as easy as a standard ESC to tune, but when well tuned, you can gain maybe 10% efficiency over standard ESc's)

- Motor driving method : hybrid ( it's not BEMF, and it's not Field Oriented Control ..). 

So if someone here would be interrested in testing the ESC and help with the PIX4 code modification, he is more than welcome and we will be happy to send an ESC for testing. We only ask that some confidential informations do not leak ( there is 30 years of development in that thing...) , everything else can be shared and of course the modified code for the PIx4 pro has to remain open source.

After the initial beta testing program,  some code sampling and enough informations will be provided so that DIY community from eSkates to Ebicycles up to UAV /MAV / ROV - on DIY Drones of course) and real size electrric vehicule can adapt the ESC to his needs ( various analog / digital control inputs, sensors, functionalities...)

A spark killer / remote switch / safety switch will be available soon especialy when used on large multirotors.

Here is a small overview of the software here on the Motor tuning tab. (we are now at version 1.53 of firmware and 2.4 software)

Below the screenshot is a link to an now old video showing some fun with the controler.

Thank you in advance for any valuable input :)

BEst regards,



Videos :

You can find some here :

And some other on my Vedmak Dynamics Facebook page

If there is anything i need to edit or delete in the message to comply with the forum rules, do not hesitate to let me know :)

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  • Hi James,

    thank you very much for your input, i will do it :)

    BEst regards,


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