Hi folks,

I am quite new to copters and please do not punish me if this post is in the wrong place or if i have overseen a similar topic.

I have a Tarot 680 Hexa with EMAX-3510 with 1355 carbon plates on ESC32/4S with basically the latest ESC firmware. My FC is a Pixhawk SW 3.2.1, with a Neo 7M/compass attached. The RC in use is a Graupner IFS attached with a PPM encoder. ESC's are powered by a separated BEC.

I did not do many flights yet but the latest attempts where not too bad and even Poshold worked well. But all of a sudden the FC behaves in a way i can't explain. When i fly in stabilize and the copter is quite stable suddenly it tilts into a direction with 2 motors slowing down (#1 & 5). After the crash the values compared to the ones before the flight show significant changes in Gyro-Offsets and AHRS Trims. I reloaded the old values and the same thing/s happened again.

Attached the screenshot with old-values (before) and new values (after) crash.

btw: When accepting the new values AHRS are reported out of range (by 0,00000329 i think)

So i have a setup that is quite fine but after some flying it corrupts itself ?

What am i doing wrong ?

similar again but this time only this values were changed to the worse:

INS_GYR2OFFS_X 0,02043123 0,01770502
INS_GYR2OFFS_Y 0,0373836 0,03146953
INS_GYR2OFFS_Z -0,02213786 -0,06162427
INS_GYROFFS_X -0,01862956 -0,03170482
INS_GYROFFS_Y -0,001507488 0,004867769
INS_GYROFFS_Z -0,01238082 -0,01081437

.... can it relate to GPS signal becoming available ?


before this was a long flight of hovering without any (visible (to me)) problem.

After about 20 seconds flight it looks as it simply switches off motor 1 or motors 1 & 5 - loosing trust that this FC is capable of carrying my expensive camera equipment in the future.


btw: INS_PRODUCT_ID shows 0

Solved: The ESC of Motor 1 had value PWM_HI_VALUE set at 1750 - all others at 1950.

From the ESC source code i'm still wondering about the effect but in the moment the copter

behaves well both in stabilize as in position hold mode. slowly gaining trust in the FC again as the next copter will be a 6S octo with Emax 5210 and 18x6 props.

have a nice day !

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