Hoping tomorrow to head out for my first Rover test with MP

I cant seem to find any type of user manual for MP.  Does one exist.

Lots of things are not directly intuitive for me.  

On the Flight plan screen:

What is Tracker Home?  What is that used for?

I am using a 4 wheeled rover....why is the ALT at a default of 100 and does it matter to me?

On the Flight Data screen:

There does not seem to be any button such as "start mission" ?  How do I get the mission started?

What is DistToMAV?  

When I am done what is the best way to safely power down?  Should I press disconnect communications before powering down the PIxhawk?  For the Pixhawk just pull the power plug? Should I push that red flashing button on the pixhawk ever?   I only ask because my sim card has become corrupted once already.  

Thanks for any tips..hope all goes well tomorrow.

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Where can I find info on the flight modes and how does a person select a different flight mode?



thanks much...that info helps a bit at least on setting up better waypoints.  

I cannot find any info on the Flight Modes and how to know what mode you are currently in and how to switch to different mode.  


for rover info please see here



Thanks for the assistance, much appreciated:-)


TCIII ArduRover2 Developer

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