Newbie question about replacing 3DR telemetry radio

I ripped out the antenna traces on my 3DR 915 Mhz v2 telemetry module in my Iris+ and need to replace it. I ordered a pair of HKPilot transceivers ( I'm pretty much a n00b with UAVs, so I could use some advice about installing them.

Problem #1 is that while the page says they have DF13 connectors ... I am not completely confident that this is the case, and am reluctant to try to just force it in there. Are the connectors in fact compatible? If not, how can I remedy this?

Problem #2 is that the footprint of the board is different from the original module and doesn't have mounting holes. How can I mount this new module?

Problem #3 is purely aspirational at this point ... but once it's in, what steps do I need to do to get its firmware configured?

A couple of notes here. Yes, I looked at the RD900+ and yes, it looks terrific. But it's total overkill for me, since I don't fly long range missions. Yes, I briefly looked at a bluetooth module, but I would ideally like something that worked at the same distances as my original 3DR radio. Yes, I saw jDrone's Sik radios after I placed my order ( and am experiencing some buyer's remorse as a result. If the HKs turn out to be a bad idea for my application and there's a consensus that the jDrones are a good solution for me, I might act on that remorse.

Thanks in advance for any knowledge you can share with me.

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  • Polly,

    I have a ton of the 3DR and Hobby King radios here collecting dust (I switched to RD900+ and RD900u).  I never trusted the Hobby Kings after looking at one under a magnifying glass.  If you send me a picture of your old 3DR radio, I'd be happy to send (gift) you a replacement -


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