Newbie's APM learning curve frustrations

I have a quad that I got from someone as a project, and I think I'm close to giving up on it.

I think I'm close to getting it off the ground, but at this point I'm stuck and thinking it may be time to move on to the next (easier) project.

I have an APM1 2560 loaded with Arducopter 3.1 (beta) software. In the video below, you'll see that I have it assembled & wired up (already done when I got it), paired, radio calibrated, esc's calibrated, telemetry streaming, sensors working. Relocated and vibration-dampened the board also. I have been able to arm it in the past but can't anymore. I've been trying to get it to arm all morning and have no clue why I can't arm it anymore.


Question 1: Am I actually close to flying, or am I just close to putting the rotors on and doing a lot more tweaking?

Question 2: If I did decide to give up on this project, what would be a reasonable price to ask for it? The hardware is older, but still supported by the latest Arducopter software (APM1 2560, Xbee telemetry, sonar, gps, accel, etc)

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  • Did you calibrate the accelerometer and make sure you are in stabilize mode?

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