I have managed to take my bag'o parts and successfully assemble and calibrate it, but ran into one little strange thing.   This is a 3D quad with a new Spektrum DX7 (ordered with the kit) controlling.  When I was doing the ESC calibration the last step where you try to arm the motors from the sticks I couldn't get it to arm.  I moved and held the left stick to the right and then tried the right stick to the right and nothing happened.  In previous stage the motors were working fine but after its fully calibrated I couldn't arm them.  I went through this about 3 times.  This came up again when I was testing motor direction so I just did it from the setup menu which worked great.

I admit that not being an experienced R/C person the phrase "right rudder" doesn't really translate to "move (right/left) stick to the (right/left) so I have no idea if its just pilot error on my part or I have an issue in configuration.

I have the same trouble translating the mode switch.  During calibration it seems to be working but I have no idea what Mode 0 / Model 1 / Mode 2 on the controller translate to as far as flight mode.

Need some tutoring from you experienced pilots...

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It means the left stick should be at the bottom, right. Hold for two seconds or so until the LEDs start flashing (calibrating), and then when they're done one will remain solid. 

As for the modes, you assign them to flight actions (RTL, Loiter, Alt Hold, etc) in the Mission Planner setup process. 

Still no joy.  On power up the ESCs make their noises and the propellers twitch.  The receiver LEDs are lit.  I get a steady blue on the APM for GPS.    But holding the left stick down and to the right does nothing.   There is an LED near the GPS flashing orange (is there an overview of LEDs somewhere?).  

Any suggestions?  It would seem that either the APM is thinking something is not ready to fly or the left stick isn't calibrated or ???

P.S.  I did try trimming the throttle and that didn't help.

Is your DX7 in ACRO mode?

Were you able to perform the RC calibration through Mission Planner?

If connected via USB, you will see the flight data screen switch to 'ARMED' when things are ready to go.

Look over my blog post HERE.

It may be time to learn about the CLI - Command Line Interface.

Do you have a PC simulator? If not, your DX7 should work with FMS via an simple audio cable and another piece of software.


One of your transmitter sticks always springs back to the central position, the other has a ratchet on the vertical action ( up and down ) The stick with the ratchet controls the throttle, if this is the left hand stick you have a mode2 transmitter, if it's the right hand stick it's a mode1.

So if you hold the throttle stick down and right it should arm the Quad, or try holding it up and to the left, if this arms it you need to reverse the throttle and rudder controls on your transmitter.

If you have calibrated the radio correctly using the mission planner this should be seen by the directions that the green bands move when you move the sticks.

Read through the set up instructions in the wiki very carefully, you'll find all this information in there and much more,  LED actions are in the appendix.

Yes I did the graphics calibration with graphics APM and did the motor calibration through CLI (because I couldn't get them to arm after the auto calibrate).  I will read your post, etc but one further piece of info.  

When I power up I get fairly quick steady Blue but the the LED next to it (B?) continues red flashing after a few minutes which if I read correctly means something isn't finished calibrating.   I have a small HP mini that I am setting up for eventual telemetry display but for now what should I look for to debug the calibration issue?

I tested the arm/disarm in the APM and it turns out the left to right direction on both sticks appear to be reversed even though I have gone through the calibration multiple times.  There is no "Reverse" tick boxes in my copy of Flight Planner.  None of the bazillian switches on the DX7 seem to affect the direction.  Is the reverse hiding somewhere?

Press the down and select switch to enter the function menu then use select to pick the channel that you need to reverse and press increase or decrease to reverse the selected channel.

Sorry not understanding this.  I searched all over the Flight Planner for this and not seeing what you mean.  I am in the config main menu and on the left are all the submenus.   Didn't see any channel reverse in these submenu pages.  Did not see any way to bring up a function menu in the Radio Config submenu page.

Did you mean on the Tx somewhere?


It is my understanding that the channel reversing function for the Arducopters has been taken out of the MP. If you need to reverse a channel, then you must do it at the R/C transmitter.

Just a thought.



Yes, you will have to reverse the *output* of your TX by changing the setting in the TX menu. I did not look up the DX7 TX but here is a graphic I made from my DX6i manual...

You can click on the image above and it will go full screen.


Just a follow-up.  Based on the suggestions in the thread I determined that for whatever reason I had to reverse the Rudder channel (Yaw in Mission Planner) and Aileron (Roll in MP) to match what seems to be standard behavior in Arducopter land.  Its actually somewhat different than described in the last reply for my DX7s (the currently shipping 3DR model).

While in the model you are using for the quad:

  1. Hold the scroll bar down to enter the setup (hold select)
  2. Select "Servo Setup"
  3. Scroll down to the "Travel" box and select
  4. Scroll through settings to "Reverse" value and select to set the value
  5. Scroll to next box ("Throttle") and select 
  6. Scroll through settings to the value you want to change ("Rudder") and hit select to set
  7. Scroll down to the FOR | REV box that just appeared and select it to actually perform Reverse
  8. Repeat 3-7 for other control (Aileron)

I must say I find these R/C interfaces rather arcane.  Looking forward to when these things are Android devices.


I am glad you sorted it out. I intentionally did not look up your DX7 TX manual because the firmware seems to change with these systems. If I built you a 'how-to' it would have surely been wrong. In fact I have two DX6 manuals that are slightly different with screen selection.

Better that you got the general idea and 'learned to fish'.

I am hope the next generation of RC TX will have completely user based setup with more graphical interaction.

That being said, I wish you some good weather and the time to maiden flight your quad!


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