Ever since I put some headlights on, I fly over my street often after work and at night between TV shows.

A neighbor 2 streets over happened across it, filmed it and uploaded it to YouTube.  He is a self-admitted UFO buff.  It somehow got a ton of hits, so the local Fox News interviewed him and did a 2 minute segment!  My neighbors told me about it the next day (today).  Watching the video I fist tried to figure out roughly where he was and some markers.  I located his house.  Then drafted lines of sight from his viewing position.  It is spot-on my typical flying area!  And where it appeared to land was within 1 house length of my driveway.  Couldn't help but share with all you guys !

Here is the Fox News clip.  For the rest search "UFO Fort Mill"


3DR Quad D with (2) DJI headlights.

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OK this has gotten out of control.  This happened in South Carolina outside of Charlotte.  Now there is coverage on the NY Daily Times:


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