Nine Eagles Sky Climber APM setup

Hi fellow droners

After some shopping around for a easy-to-fly plane with extra space to accommodate the APM, I remembered that the Sky climber is a very good plane for this.

I had one just under a year ago and it went rogue, this was my fault though. I was flying waaay over my own experience, got mixed up with orientation and lost it.  Never found it :(

Any way here are some photos of the setup and the specs: 

Wing span 2m

Weight: just under 1kg

Motor 2835 1050kv

The sky climber uses two servos on the ailerons. These I setup as per APM wiki. Cant wait to maiden it with the APM installed. The weather in Finland is not that good: rain rain rain. 

Do you think that the GPS does not have enough sky view? 


Under side:


As you can see the space under the maintenance hatch to the elevator and rudder has allot of extra space.


Had to do some plucking of foam to make a nice little nest for the GPS


GPS installed partially still waiting for a good cover. (Tape)



The weather gave me a break today with a non windy and no rain window. So...i maiden-ed the APM. 


Okay. Manual control worked fine no problems. Stabilize not so well. When I switched it on the plane went into a nose dive. I quickly went back to manual a continued flying. Gotta do some tweaking. 

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  • Hi!

    Do you fly SkyClimber now? What battery you use and what fly time you have?


  • Update:

    Today I went flying again and did my usual pre-flight check. While the check I noticed that i had set pitch servo to normal, once i set it to reverse and tested the stabi mode the plane flew like it was on tracks. Nice feeling to see the APM doing all the work :) I feel spoiled now. Landings are more stable and very easy! Every RC should have APM installed. 

    RTL worked also like it should.

    Next up: Auto-mode.

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