I just received my new APM 2.5 board yesterday and cannot get any AHRS data. i have connected it through the USB and thought the 3DR and I don't see anything on the raw data either. Any ideas? Thanks!

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Does Anyone have any ideas about this problem?

Hi Daniel. Try opening the Mission Planner terminal and seeing if the logs are being erased at boot-up. If that is happening, you need to wait for that to finish, then your board will operate normally.



Im seeing the same thing.. no data coming from APM2.5 when Ive connected it.

It is a new board and I have updated the firmware to the arducopter 2.9.1 I think...


Did you get the problem solved???


I did get the problem solved.  I was running arduplane 2.69 when i recieved my apm. finally got it working correctly when i flashed arduplane 2.70.  Maybe you could try re-flashing the firmware? Maybe even try flashing an older firmware.  good luck!

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