No camera stabilization tuning in CLI !

I use the ardupirates NG code,

i have enabled camera stabilization in configurator and DIP switch

connected 2 servos, it works,


but according to this

i should have "f" and "g" commands in the CLI to calibrate the camera correction,

and it doesnt shows !


what i get is:



ArduCopter - Current settings
Firmware: 2.01

Magnetom. offsets (x,y,z): 105.00, 95.50, -196.50
Accel offsets (x,y,z): 2007, 2048, 2062
Min Throttle: 1040
Magnetometer 1-ena/0-dis: 1
Camera mode: 2
Sonar PID: 0.80, 0.30, 0.70
Obstacle SafetyZone: 120.00
Roll PID: 0.10, 0.00, 0.03
Pitch PID: 0.10, 0.00, 0.03
CLI Menu - Type your command on command prompt
a - Activate/Deactivate compass (check #IsMag define too)
c - Show/Save compass offsets
d - dump logs to serial
e - ESC Throttle calibration (Works with official ArduCopter ESCs)
i - Initialize and calibrate Accel offsets
m - Motor tester with AIL/ELE stick
o - Show/Save sonar & obstacle avoidance PIDs
r - Reset to factory settings
t - Calibrate MIN Throttle value
s - Show settings
z - cleaú all logs

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  • Yes, I have noticed the ardupirate CLI to have some bugs and to not support all of the commands.Partly why I have switched to the ACM 2.0 on the trunk.
  • are you connected via USB? (for example this line is not correct: "MaxAú")

    check your connection, check the baud settings


    what happens when you type "f"?

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