No data displayed, just 0's


I can't get the OSD to show any values. They are all zeroes. Iv'e done a lot of googling but havent found the key yet.

MinimOSD v 1.1 with firmware 2.0. Updated charset. Bought a cable on Ebay to use telemetry at the same time.

APM 2.6 with Arducopter 3.1.

I switch it on, it says "Waiting for mavlink". I connect the telemetry. The previous text will go away and everything seems fine, all the text is there, but it is all zero/null values. The Heartbeat icon is flashing.

I read about the Arducopter not sending values by default, that you have to set the SR3-parameters. But like someone said, that are not there!

Also, going in to MissionPlanner / setup / Optional Hardware / OSD and clicking there, does nothing.

I tried using another MinimOSD that i took off of my Octocopter, that one shows the exakt same. But on the octo, it works with another APM 2.5.

I get the feeling that the APM is not sending out the data that the Minim needs to hear?

Please help, my hair is getting grey over this one...

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  • Rolf, 

    thanks, you were right, it was the cable! Your suggestion to hook up only the radio got me thinking.

    I exchanged TX and RX pins on the APM end with each other, and then also exchanged them on the Radio end.

    After that, 100% difference. Both APM and telemetry works now.

    Mind you, this was a cable i bought from Ebay, not one I built myself since I didn't want to fiddle with it. :)



  • check the TX connection from minimOSD, if this connection is missing you will only get the heartbeat message.

    minimOSD sends request for the data that shall be returned by APM.

    • Hi Rolf,

      thanks for the reply: My splitter cable indeed has only the RX connection to the MinimOSD. The Telemetry-unit has both RX and TX.

      Are you quite sure that both MinimOSD and Telmetry should have both RX and TX when used in parallell?

      As mentioned here:

      This is the cable I'm using:

      Thanks again!

      /M, Sweden

      • Ok, if you have a radio telemetry connected then this should do the request to the APM (no TX from minimOSD) but  first after connecting to Missionplanner or some other groundstation software.

        • That's how I read it too. The connection to Mission Planner works well. 

          • is both LED's on the minimOSD on?

            • Yes. It reads the heartbeat when I connect to Mission Planner. It just doesn't read any values from it. 

              The display is fine, nice and sharp letters and the heartbeat symbol is blinking.

              • do you get the telemetry data in Missionplanner?

                • Seems I can't reply to the latest response, so I'm responding in the wrong order here..

                  I suspected the cable as well, and moved the RX wire to the TX position, but then I did not get any mavlink connection at all. When it is in the original position, as mentioned, I get a mavlink connection. Just no data.

                  • if you are using the 3DRobotics radio telemetry try connecting just the minimOSD directly using the cable used for the radio telemetry on the APM.  

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