I want dx8 tx signals to pass through my pixhawk:

a) dx8 output chnl 6 (3 ways switch passing pwm > pass through to pix output rc9 > led lighting controller plugged in
b) dx8 output chnl 7 > ---- > osd is displaying data correctly, but won't change panels. osd is seeing heartbeats.
c) dx8 output chnl 8 > rc11 > control tarot tilt gimbal.

standard parms have been set and "write parms" button pressed for

ch7_opt = do nothing
ch8_opt = do nothing
tilt(pitch) RC input channel 8 (mnt_RC_IN_TILT) = rc8
servo out function (RC09_function) = RCpassthru
servo out function (RC10_function) = RCpassthru
servo out function (RC11_function) = RCpassthru

a) led controller  blinks when first booting up so I know that voltage can flow and it is operational, but isn't getting pwm toggle signals which change the led scenes. The toggling of scenes worked once, but I redid the intial setup and has stopped working. I have set up config tuning / standard params / servo out  function RC9 to RCPassThru.
(chnl6 inputs show 1169, 1510, 1851 > chnl 6 ouput values of 0  )

b) OSD data works fine, but isn't reading the pwm from chnl 6 to toggle the 3 osd panels (chnl7 inputs show 1169, 1510, 1851 > chnl 7 ouput values of 0  )

3) My tarot gimbal controller is broke so I can't test my dx8 knob chnl8 for manual tilt. Should this be a simple pass through?




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      • I have a pixhawk with a sat, so a rx to servo won't work. Also, if you want servos triggered by missions with the do_set_servo, they have to come out of the flight controller somehow.

    • I figured it out today. I will take screen shots and post tomorrow. 3dr tech support still can't answer the question. They are laughable. Got an email 4 days later saying "we are still working on this". Must be a rookie assigned to my incident report. They are 0 for 2 on something they should easily know. 

      • Thank you Gregg, that would be awesome! I built my quad specifically for payload delivery and I just assumed the Pixhawk would have this capability (why not?), so I really hope I can get this to work.

  • I am trying to get the same thing done... Not getting anywhere though.

  • . . .

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