No More Fisheye

If you are looking to improve your Gopro Videos along with removing the Fisheye Distortion, then here is a fantastic solution. Peau Productions offers many different lens's that will do this. The one in my review is the 3.97mm and I am very happy I had this done.

Also with the Lens change you should consider their Filters. You will be amazed at how much they improve the quality of your videos. They are small, very light, made of glass and are of the highest quality.

Feel free to watch my review and 2 videos with the new lens.    

Take Care,    Grandpa Jake

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  • Buy the lens elsewhere and install it yourself.. Cost you 50 bucks. I have seen others charging 300 bucks for a lens and install it makes me laugh that people would actually pay for this.

    • People can always save some money if they are able to do the work themselves and that goes with almost anything from cars to home building.   But there are people that might not have this ability,  but still want some of the enhancements they see.    This is why I do these reviews.  I try to show options that are available, even to those that cant do them on their own.    And  I do want to mention relating to the lens I had installed, that they go a bit further by removing the GoPro stock lens profile which fixes the colors at the edges. 

      I am all for saving money if what I want to do can be accomplished in a positive way on my own,  but we have to keep in mind not everyone has the talent to do some of these mods, repairs, or updates and that is why at times we need to have others do the work. 

      Grandpa Jake

      • IMHO you have to order 2-5 lenses if you are going for the diy solution, have ordered 2 lenses and 1 is not even... Sometimes you also pay for qc.

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  • Thanks for the info !

    • You are welcome Richard :-)

  • And the videos looks nice, I prefer too non distortion horizons :)

  • Why not buy another rougth camera with no fisheye distortion if you don't like fisheye?

    • Everyone has there opinion,  some people spend on some things I would never consider.  And true their are options,  but I had wanted to try and make my videos better.   Having that slight zoom of 1.5 allows me to keep my setting on Wide which is the best setting without degrading the gopro video.   I guess after seeing some of the videos done with this lens and the Solo I thought it would be good to try it.   Anyhow I guess it is each to his own,   and this is just something I did :-)          Grandpa Jake

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