I`v had a problem since buying my new APM 2.5, the ESCs beep every 2 seconds.  This shows an abnormal output.  I have tried calibrating the ESCs and reloading the firmware 20 time and still no joy. I have just tested the output with an ociliscope and found there is no output signal.  I tested the output from the RC reciever first and thought I should get a similar square wave pattern.  Unfortunatly all I get from the APM is a straight line on all the outputs. I have looked at the data from MP and all looks good with data changing as I tilt the quad on all outputs.

I am powering it from the ESC BECs but for some reason I only get 4.63V at the input end of the APM. Is my board fried and I need a new one ???

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In regards to the 4.63V:  Most ESC's only output approximately 5V. In reality it's usually a bit lower. You could try using a dedicated UBEC instead - they tend to be closer to the 5V mark.

For the lack of outputs: The APM will only output to the servos if it is armed.

Hi Stephen

Thanks for that.... the APM was armed and making all the right LEDs flashed.  I have a UBEC on its way hoping it will be the saving of me....but I have been almost there so many times.  This is so frustrating

The Crius AIOP2 i\I used before this was so much easier to get going...untill its gyros would not calibrate level.

im expecting so much more from this APM

Where values are you looking on Mission Planner? In the Status tab under the HUD, look for the ch1out, ch2out, etcDo these values change when you throttle up?

Hi Stephan

Yes the values do change as you throttle up. They also change as you tilt the quad.  But still no output from the output pins on the APM.  Looks like the link between the computer and the output pins have been severed in some stage way.

Not sure how to progress from here ???

hmm ... if the ESC's are beeping it means they aren't receiving a signal. Could you confirm that the ESC's work when directly hooked up to the receiver?

Otherwise I think you may have a defective board and will need to take it up with 3DR  :(

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