No rc control.

first i am wondering if i need to change anything in the code for manual control. I download the code with no error but fail to have manual control. I have control of the motor because that is plugged directly into the rc receiver. I am using a 2.4ghz 6ch transmitter and receiver.Secondly how do i put gps points into the code?wp_alt[1]=50;wp_lat[1]=wp_lat[0]+0.002000; //Travelling north about 200 meters from launch position....wp_lon[1]=wp_lon[0];do they go in the brackets ?outside?i tried in and out and i get an error. To how many decimal places do i put the gps point in?Yes i am using 2.0 code. I know there is a more recent one but am using this to save money on extra parts.

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    If you don't have manual control with toggle down, you've plugged in your RC gear incorrectly into the board. Check orientation, etc.

    I can't remember the convention for manual GPS entry; we don't support that old code anymore. I'm sure there's something on the site that answers this, but not sure where. Dig around and you should find the answer or perhaps more reading of the code will explain. I don't even have a copy of that old code anymore, I'm afraid.
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