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Still in the process of calibrating my hexa! I've got the APM2.5 load with the v3rc1 hex file. I can calibrate my turnigy 9x radio in the software and see the all controls move like they should. Roll and Pitch move in line with the stick.

Here's my issue: when I go to fly in any mode, the roll/pitch stick doesn't do much. I can't tell if it is moving a very tiny bit or if the wind is moving it when I hold the stick. It pretty much doesn't respond at my input other than throttle and yaw, which work really well.

I'm thinking this is an advanced setting that I've changed or that isn't at the right number. I've got my max angles at 45 degrees and my input control from RC at 10. 

Any tips would be appreciated!

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  • Well i have been having this very same issue with a new build,  i have 3 other machines all running Apm 2.5 or 2.6  the oldest Quad on 3.0.1    and one Hex on  3.1.3  and the latest 2.6  on 3.1.4 fitted to a frame similar to a TBS discovery  any way,  my issue is that i have gone through the entire setup from bottom up,  the calibration suggests roll and pitch inputs  all the other controls do as you would expect also.

    so i arm the quad for a little hop,  firstly the motors dont spin up in the same way my hex does on arming,  but hey,  i then add power and  just at the take off point it just turns right over backwards ( half back flip ) with no fore aft pitch control or roll control at all,  at that point all 4 carbon props are binned,  so i fit another set of props, check it over and just spin it up teathered,  at 1/3 power i physically move the frame and it does not try to level the machine at all,  all i get is all 4 motors running at exactly the same rpm,  if i try to roll the frame, exactly the same thing,   now all my other machines will try to compensate.  the throttle of all 4 motors is lovely and smooth up through the entire range,   just no input on the cyclic stick at all ?

    do you chaps think this may be a duff board ?   or something else?   any pointers in the Tlog i should look at ?  remember radio calibration page shows all controls moving nicely to the PWMs that are seen by all my other machines,   

    many thanks,  in any help you guys may give, as i gotta say i am lost at the moment


  • In Mission Planner (MP): Power up your transmitter (Tx) and connect to the APM via USB/Mavlink. Go to the configuration section and find the radio calibration page. You should see the pitch and roll bars respond to the Tx inputs.  Recalibrate the radio on general principles. If the pitch and roll responses and values there look OK then it's not the Tx or Rx. At that point I would maybe do a clean reinstall of the APM firmware, meaning preceded by an "erase".  And then you'll need to go through all the calibration etc. steps again. But that might be easier than trying to find something that's wrong in the parameters. (I know you did some of this but I'm trying to be comprehensive here.)

    But if you don't get any action at the calibration bars then it would seem the problem is before the APM. Start with the wiring between the Rx and APM and make double-sure that the location and polarity at both ends are correct.Next test that the Tx and Rx are in fact working properly.   Do you have an ordinary servo lying around or one that you can temporarily rob from an r/c plane etc? If so, first of all, if you are powering the receiver (Rx) and APM from the main batteries get safe by pulling the props. Now disconnect the "Aileron" (roll) or "Elevator" (pitch) wire from the Rx  and plug into its place on the Rx the servo (pay attention to polarity!!). Power up and see if the servo responds to roll or pitch stick input. It should move its arm roughly 90 degrees each way. If not, then the problem is in the Tx or the Rx. I would make a new model in the Tx (to get rid of any settings within the Tx that might affect things) and then re-bind the Tx to the Rx. Go back into MP and see if the radio bars now move. If not, I would next try another Rx and if necessary another Tx. Hopefully you'll find the problem long before that point. Hope this helps.

  • Still could use a tiny bit of help! Anyone?

  • After a little more time I believe the error is in the Advanced parameters but I can't find which variable it is. 

  • I've verified that it isn't the radio by changing the flight mode from heli to acro as well. For some reason the APM board isn't sending commands to roll or pitch. 

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