I have followed all of the instructions in the Wiki located Here.

When I get to the step to test the sensor output in Mission planner all I get is a flatline. I waited for 10 minutes after connecting and switching to the Flight Data tab in mission planner. it shows my voltage and mode, but no GPS lock and no change in compass heading etc.

The 3D GPS lock led lights up as well as the green "ON" light and the orange "TX" and yellow "B" LED's are also solid.

I am running mission planner on Windows 7 64-bit and have tried running it in compatibility mode for xp sp2 and sp3, and the program has admin privileges.

Pictures below:

First here is the output that mission planner is getting

 Here is what the Flight Data tab looks like:

Any input on this would be more than helpful.

Please if there is any informatino that I have left out please let me know.

Thank you in advance.

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Which ArduPlane code are you running and on which APM board (1 or 2)? 

The Mission Planner terminal screen is just showing MAVLink binary data. That's normal.

I am sorry, 

I am using APM 2.0 and I am using the Arduplane 2.27 Alpha HIL

Actually I think it is something with the HIL version of Arduplane 2.27 Alpha..... here is the non-HIL version working like a charm...

Yes, that just seem like a HIL thing. Not a biggie. We'll look at that in the next version. 

thanks no prob.  I did notice that when I had the HIL software loaded that the "B" orange LED was lit up. now it is the Blue "C" led that is on. are those just mode lights for Arduplane/Arducopter?

Thank you for the fast reply Chris. 

If you are running the HIL version you shouldn't expect to see sensor data from your APM - in the HIL version it will take GPS and attitude from X Plane, have you setup a simulator?(http://code.google.com/p/ardupilot-mega/wiki/Xplane).

Ther are some manual pages on the led behaviour here http://code.google.com/p/ardupilot-mega/wiki/LED


Paul, thanks for that clarification. I had misunderstood Archangel, and though he was actually running Xplane connected via the Mission Planner and things weren't moving as they should. But it now occurs to me that you're right, and he was actually expecting the board to still be in control of the data displays, which of course is not the case in HIL mode. 

Archangel: HIL mode bypasses all the onboard sensors and instead feeds synthentic data from a flight simulator to the autopilot. You will only see the data displays moving when you've got a plane in the air in Xplane.

I am having a similar issue, I have successfully connected the Ardupilot 2.0 to Xplane 10, followed all of the instructions, I am able to fly around using my tx in xplane, and xplane feeds the gps data back to missionplanner (in the Simulation tab), however  in the flight data tab there is nothing, it is saying no gps... I did post about it, including some informative screenshots, and a photo of my hardware setup, but I dont think anyone has read it. 


If anyone has any ideas of what could be causing the issue, id like to know! cheers :)

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