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After installing windows 8 and latest mission planner, I no longer have a terminal tab. How do I get it back so I can download and look at my data logs?

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  • Developer

    You can download logs from the log files tab.  There is no need to use the terminal any more and in fact we will be remving it in the next releases of the code

    • How can I then erase the EEprom, as I believe I nEed to do this when updating software?

      I get a flip on take off and the reading I have done leads me to believe I need to do this erase ~ any pointers to alternatives, or should I go back to a previous version of MP?



      • Developer

        There has not been a requirement to erase the eprom for more than 2years.

        • Developer

          You can always set SYSID_SW_MREV to 0 and reboot to erase the eprom.

        • OK, thanks.
          My quad flips on trying to take off, and what I read indicates that I need to erase and reinstall, but I could not find the CLI terminal in MP 1.3.0.

          Any advice on what I am doing wrong would be gratefully received!

      • The current version still works as before in CLI. It sounds like a new interface is coming that will be more intuitive. I believe the latest non-beta is 1.3.1

    • Developer

      Everything is being replaced wih a MAVLink command

    • And where will "test"be???

  • Did you check the advanced box in the planner config screen?

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