no yaw correction from flight controller.

hey i have a problem with my copter, i recently bought a new board but it seems to have a fatal flaw 

it will not correct yaw!!!!

when take off the copter simply rotates in whatever direction it feels.

it works fine with manual input and will rotate fine but will not correct itself, i increased yaw p to 5 and saw no improvement.

i have loaded tricopter firmware and connected a servo to visuall see if it is correcting yaw at all and it appears to be ding it but only a minuscule fraction of correction, the servo barely moves.

i tested the compass and it is working fine, i even switched between the internal and external compass with no success.

i am stuck as to what i can do???

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  • after further testing, it appears that my gyro is completely dead (the yaw)

    mission planner doesnt report gyro heath error because roll and pitch are fine but yaw is 0 there is not yaw output.

    This is why it would not do anything.

    is there a fix for this?

  • it is as if the yaw is in acro mode

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