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Hi Guys,

Multirotor is new to me and i have developed an interest in these crafts. I fly RC helis and have done so for the last 6 years or so.

Lets a i have a Hex with motors and ESC's, what else would i need to get into the air?...My plan is to do some aerial photography and video....just for the hell of it.

Any help will be great, even pointing the right place will help. I have gone through a bunch of threads on DIY before joining. Will the APM do the Job? APM vs NAZA?

Thanks in advance.

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    Yes the APM will do the job, is very flexible, good performance, open, reliable and low cost.

    Depending about the level of performance and flexibility you want for video, you'll need a 2 or 3 axis gimbal. There are many new projects burgeoning here and there actually for small and medium sized gimbals, direct drive for true stabilization.

    The APM can be used on heavy lift machines without problems. Only a matter of adjusting a bit some flight parameters and manufacturing with a good respect of rules like low vibration, low magnetic and radio interferences between sensitive devices.

    You can drive a 2 axis gimbal directly with the APM, but for better performance and flexibility i would advice to use an external stabilization board, fitted on the gimbal. This is specially important if you need a 3 axis gimbal or if you are using a fast direct drive gimbal.

    Last, if you want to fly with a copilot for operating the camera, then it's better to have a 3 axis gimbal. This is the ideal setup but is much more expensive, heavier and more fragile. If it's just for the hell of it forget the 3 axis gimbal.

    Before to fit a gimbal, i would advice you to make a few months of training with your hexa machine so that you don't take unnecessary risks because of the gimbal / camera cost.


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