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To get to the point of the qustion at hand, it involves the electronics.  More the relationship between the reciever, the drone hardware, an the servos.


I have not purchased anything yet as I am still researching what I want.  I have a 6 ch radio/reciever in mind.  An I am looking to build on a Exceed MaxStone 8 (1/8 scale) crawler which is currently out of stock.  I see there are 2 options for the ardurover hardware.  A side connect, an a top connect.  Saving that purchase for last till I see how it will fit in the crawler.


In some documents I read, it looks like the ardurover hardware is NOT meant to power the servos.  But I recall reading a doc that I am suppose to hook each of the 3 wires to the ArduRover, then hook it directly to the servos.


Which brings me to my question.  Do I need to feed my servo's power via another method?  In all my RC's the reciever powers the servo.



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  • Found on a ArduCopter page, is the pin-out the same for ArduRover?


  • This is one of the best pin-out explanations of the APM 2 I have found yet...


  • My initial plan was to use Input an Output rails an not use A0 thru A11.


  • The last options I have is to power the APM via the ESC an main battery using the J1 jumper, an use my aux battery to power the FPV TX an camera alone.



  • Based on conversation last night, I will be not installing the FPV system or planning its install for now.  I will be using the following setup...


  • 3692686896?profile=original

    This is the planned layout of my Rover.



  • I bought the APM 2.5 with Telemetry an Power Module.  I do plan on using the power module an providing a dedicated 7.4v 1000mah Li-Ion battery.


    The power module appears to have "Source In" from a battery, an "Source Out" which would goto ESC both with deans connector.



    Is there any reason I cannot remove both Connectors an wires, an replace the "Source in" to match my battery red power plug & wire gauge?


    If anyone has used this, some advice as too what I am getting would be helpful.


    Due to amount or real estate in my crawler, I am trying to keep the battery size small.  I already own the battery an charger for it.

  • So I am posting this for anyone else to find when searching the web....

    I have found that you can change modes of the APM 2.5 via Telemetry in real time from a laptop/PC.  You do not need a 3 (or more) position toggle to change the modes (Norm/Auto/Learn).

    I will be moving forward with the parts I have bought as of now an I will be ordering the APM 2.5 w/telemetry an a FPV (first person view) setup with my next paycheck.  My plan will be to use my 2 position toggle for Normal an Auto, an set the APM into Learn mode via my netbook for now.  In the future, I will look at upgrading to the DX8 but for now I will keep the DX5e I purchased.

    This question has been a absolute pain to find the answer too.


  • Can someone at least let me know if there is a manual override which can be installed on the apm on the ch5 input so that someone can make those setting changes on the rover?  If not, what kind of input is it looking for?


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