Hi everyone, I've just finished building a tricopter, put an apm 2.6 with external mag/gps on a self made mast very far from any interference, but close to the CG my apm is directly on the CG. done all the mandatory hardware config, my compass offsets are in the range of -40 to 127.

first flight in stabilize mode:  upon just a gentle lift my tricopter starts to yaw violently, trying to compensate with RC yields reverse violent yaw. 

first thought that my servo should be reversed, did so on the RC tx

second flight ---the same thing violently yaws... 

next, i hold the tricopter in my hand and giving half throttle, the thing wants to fly :) plenty of power, checking the way it tries to compensate: roll --- correct, pitch ---correct, yaw ----- opposite! 

after doing some search the only thing I found is this: http://diydrones.com/forum/topics/tricopter-yaw-servo-reversed

but the post is old and relates to the first versions of apm I have 2.6 (latest and greates + external mag/gps)

please share you expert advise! 

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Set the parameter "RC7_REV" to -1

well, as I am a noob,,,, where should I do it? 

In mission planner, under Configuration->Full Parameter list.

Thank you very much, Sr! 

now it is flying!  drifts a bit, but that is due to me using wooden booms one of which is a little twisted, so the motor is not true... trip to the home depot tomorrow should fix this... 

just a friendly suggestion... maybe give an option to reverse channels with a single click in the frame setup screen,,, i.e. frame-> option Y -> yaw servo -> reverse -> TRUE/FALSE , same would be even more helpful with the arduplane.... 

I'm glad you're up and running!

FYI: I've noticed that Orchard Supply stocks much higher quality 1/2" square strips than Home Depot does (at least in my area). They're harder wood and generally much straighter.

thx for the advise, orchard is even closer to me!

never occurred to me that they were also selling lumber. I was there once, but got an impression that they mostly sell cheap copies of brand-name tools... 

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