I am new to Arduino programming and am learning the language from the basics.  I downloaded Arduino w/Autopilot application for my PC and have the APM2.5.  I have a short program that I wrote that I want to upload to the APM.

I have gone through and compiled the program for Arduino Mega 2560.  Also, I have my HAL Board settings to none.  The programmer is set to AVRISPmkII.  I noticed from device manager that the Mega 2560 is setup on Comm 8.  However, I do not see that Comm option in Arduino application. I am using a USB cable interface. When connected, I see a solid orange LED with blinking blue and red LEDs.  I am unable to update the driver since Windows XP says that it is the latest one for the mega 2560.

When I try and upload my simple program I get timeout errors.  Am I missing something pretty basic?  Not looking to do anything fancy.  Just want to get a basic program that will do minimal functionality as I learn how to control analog ports, serial ports, do serial printlines, etc.  Any help would be much appreciated.



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  • Got it to work!  My issue was that the driver that was loaded automatically by Windows XP wasnt correct.  I had to go in and manually set the driver to the .inf file for the Arduino 2560 Rev3 board.  Now the correct Comm port is shown in Arduino application and I am able to upload my basic sketch.

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    You don't need an AVR programmer to use Arduino. Please got to Arduino.cc for programming instructions. 

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