Not complaining, just curious

Why are there so many people still using sUASs commercially in light of the fact that the FAA has forbidden their commercial use without a COA or Airworthiness Certificate?

I ask this because the FAA is creating rules for sUAS operations and it seems far too many are giving them excuse to come down hard on all of us. Right now, unless you are a Govt  agency you need but probably don't have (nor will get) a civil airworthiness certificate so only recreational use is legal and bound by AC 91-57.

Is this a last fling before the FAA locks everyone out of the game?, nobody cares? or just really want to make the FAA think that we are irresponsible scofflaws?

I implore everyone to show the FAA that we are responsible and intelligent people who do not need regulation, rather than a bunch of "cowboys" that have run amok and need to be reined in. If that means losing some work in the short run (for the commercial folks) or keeping away from airports, people, buildings and staying under 400' alt. then that is what we need to do.

Like I tell my students, "If you act like children I will treat you like children. Act like adults and I will treat you as such." Perhaps the FAA feels the same.


Just my thoughts. Didn't want to make it a blog headline so I put it here. 

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  • Is the FAA actually issuing the required permits to make money off of the data from my aircraft? I am starting a business and need to fly wherever is needed.
  • Not all of us are subject to FAA regs.
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